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Gluten free elderflower fritters


Inspired by my friend, Ivan’s efforts and sad to see the crop the elderflowers being ‘wasted’, I made this elderflower fritter.  There are recipes by Nigel Slater and from other websites that you can google so I won’t bore you with those.  My batter was egg-less and fizzy water- less- I used potato flour to give it some ‘body’ and used soda bicarbonate to add some ‘fizz’. I also added couple of drops of lemon juice to a batter made with potato flour and arrow root flour (I like gluten free stuff!). I also added the sugar in the batter and lightly sprinkled some icing sugar when serving.  Served with my home-made ice-cream of Venezuelan chocolate, it made a great complementary combination.  I experimented with various batter consistencies and at the tasting thought that the mid-consistency batter worked out the best.  My son preferred the more ‘lumpy’ version.  Watch out for the tiny black bugs before you use the flowers for cooking!!

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