The Canny Gardener

how to grow, cook and use plants, plus some philosophy!


I started this blog as I started transforming my own little concrete patch into a food producing garden.  City gardens, especially for those living in flats, are difficult to create.  I started in 2013, experimenting, failing, succeeding and creating.  I am also a lazy as well as a canny gardener.  This meant that I was trying to do the least amount to get the maximum benefit. I also like to use the least amount of bought stuff, reducing not only the money spent but also the impact on the environment.  In line with my own personal journey, I was transforming the lives of others- in the UK and abroad. I started a charity,, that works with children and youth, creating community gardens using waste materials. In a way, my own garden not only became a place for experimentation but also an inspiration.  How could I tell others to do something which I wasn’t following myself?  So this blog records my journey and hopefully helps others whom I can’t meet personally.

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