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My last post was titled ‘Resilient Mint’.  Now I am amazed by houseplants as well.  What you see above is a so-called ‘Jade Money plant (Crassula Ovata)’ which I thought was fine and alive.  I watered it daily, never looking to see how it was doing.  When I took it out to re-pot couple of days ago, I was absolutely amazed to see that the stem was not attached to the root at all.  Sometime back, the root had dried out and so the plant was surviving by just absorbing water from the atmosphere, rather from the soil.  I have now put the stem in the glass of water and waiting for roots to grow before I re-pot it.  So always look at houseplants carefully!

I reproduce below something about money plants which also grow baby plants and make good presents.

These attractive money plants are great for smaller spaces and desktops and are thought to bring their owner luck. Also known as the Jade Plant or Friendship Tree. They are extremely easy to care for and will thrive even in darker rooms.

Water sparingly in winter and regularly in summer and these succulent money plants will reward you with their distinctive glossy foliage all year round. We have some fresh new season money plants in this week and they are looking nice and full as pictured. said to bring luck and fortune they make gifts for new homes or offices.

Author: Sumita

Sumita is an architect and artist, enthusiastic about living sustainably. She is passionate in her belief that everything should have more than one use. Sumita founded an environmental design charity, Charushila, which has created kitchen garden projects around the world

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